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e Dance Company


what's new

e Dance Company's next show will happen this upcoming fall in Eau Claire. This show will approach dance as an art form by diminishing the barrier of the stage, and by pairing dance with other artistic forms. The show will be arranged as a museum, and will also feature writing, music, and multiple forms of visual art. Audience members will be free to walk around the exhibit and observe the artists and dancers, as well as consider how the atypical arrangement causes them to reflect upon their own views of dance as art. More information will be coming soon!

about e Dance Company

e Dance Company is a modern dance company based in Eau Claire, WI. We started in 2017 as Eau Claire Dance Festival, but have since evolved to fill the need for a professional dance company in the Chippewa Valley. Our performances have a collaborative approach, meaning that e Dance Company synthesizes modern dance with other artistic forms, including writing, visual art, and live music. We are a nonprofit organization, as are the majority of most professional dance companies across the country, and this status opens us up to receiving grants, corporate sponsorship, and private donations. e Dance Company is adamant about paying all of its performers for their time and talent, which is a small yet growing trend in the Eau Claire area.



e Dance Company is a nonprofit organization, meaning that we rely on donations like yours to keep performing collaborative art in the Chippewa Valley. Your donation goes directly to paying performers, as well as keeping the organization running.



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